A full access membership gives you access to all of our facilities and a variety of programs, including unlimited access to the gym, pools and group fitness classes.

It also includes personally designed programming with qualified fitness professionals, ensuring you are set up for success.


Our full access membership has a range of term options and prices for concession card holders.

  Price per fortnight Joining fee  
Health and Wellness Adult Flexi (no fixed-term contract)   $38.00 $80.00  Buy now 
Health and Wellness Adult Concession Flexi (no fixed-term contract)
 $31.00 $80.00 Buy now 
Health and Wellness Adult 6 Month Commitment $38.00 $40.00 Buy now
Health and Wellness Concession 6 Month Commitment
$31.00 $40.00 Buy now

Facilities and classes

With this membership you'll enjoy access to:

  • fully equipped gym;
  • group fitness classes;
  • outdoor seasonal pool;
  • heated indoor pools;
  • aquatic group fitness classes;
  • lockers to store your gear securely;
  • Personal Success Plan including a full induction process and access to ongoing tailored programming with our qualified trainers.

Personal Success Plan

The Personal Success Plan is designed around you, to help you reach your fitness goals. We’re pleased to be able to offer this complimentary service to all new gym members.

Your Personal Success Plan will kick-start with a one hour one-on-one induction with a qualified trainer. Your trainer will listen to your goals and tailor a program to suit your needs and fitness level.

You’ll receive:

  • one-on-one consultation and goals session with a qualified trainer;
  • complete body composition tracking;
  • full fitness program tailored to your fitness goals;
  • a second 30 minute follow up appointment to assess your progress and adjust your program;
  • a third one hour session with a qualified instructor to re-assess your fitness and progress your program.

You can book your Personal Success Plan appointments in person at the gym or at reception.

Seminars and events

Other benefits 

  • YMCA Victoria 10 Pass Card, giving you reciprocal rights when visiting our other facilities in Victoria

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