Infant swimming lessons with the Y are a great way for your child to discover the water.

Suitable for children and babies from six months to three years of age, our infant program provides a safe and playful environment for your child to begin their swimming journey. We focus on water familiarisation, exploration and safety skills.

In the infant program, children will learn to:

  • be familiar with having water over their face and head;
  • blow bubbles;
  • safely recover from a fall in;
  • float, paddle and propel themselves through the water.

Parent and baby swimming

Parent and baby swimming is incorporated into our infant swimming lessons.

As a parent or carer, you will be with your baby or toddler in the pool until they turn three years of age. This builds confidence, supports your child's learning and gives you the opportunity to bond with your child. During the lessons, you'll also learn about water safety and learning you can do in the home.

Parents and carers must stay in the pool with infants for the whole lesson.

Our swimming teachers

Our teachers hold nationally accredited swimming teacher and water safety certificates, as well as specialised qualifications for teaching infants. They have current CPR certificates, Working with Children Checks and have training in safeguarding children and young people.


Infant swimming levels

Whether your baby is dipping their toes in the pool for the first time or your toddler is a keen paddler, we have a swimming level suited to your child.

In some instances swimming levels may be combined to ensure all children and parents are able to enjoy the social benefits of group activities.

  • Prices

    Please see the current prices for swimming lessons below.

    Price per lesson Fortnightly direct debit
    Standard rate $15.50 $31.00

    Payment for our swimming lesson membership is taken fortnightly by direct debit, with the total cost spread out across the year with 26 equal payments. This minimises the cost impact to families and ensures your membership is easy to maintain.

    No lock-in contracts – simply provide 14 days' written notice to cancel.

    We review our prices each year.

  • What benefits do swimming lesson members receive?

    Swimming lessons members receive:

    • 48 swimming lessons per year – one per week;
    • unlimited pool access for the student, along with a supervising parent – great for practise or play;
    • 10% merchandise discount;
    • access to four make-up lessons per year for children who miss a lesson;
    • optional summer suspension during non-program weeks;
    • certificates for each level of the program achieved.

    Parents of children will receive:

    • access to the SwimDesk parent portal to track your child’s achievements as they progress through the swim program.
  • What should I bring to baby swimming lessons?
    • Swimwear (for yourself and your child)
    • Dry clothes
    • Towels

    If your child is still in nappies, you will also need to bring aqua nappies that fit tightly around the thighs. Don't worry if you don't have any or forget to pack them – you can buy them in centre.

  • Are infant swimming lessons accessible?

    Yes. Infant and toddler classes supported by a parent in the water are a great way for all children to be introduced to water regardless of ability.

  • When should babies start swimming lessons?

    Babies must be at least six months old to start swimming lessons and our infant and toddler programs are ideal for children up to the age of three years.

    Introducing your child to the water from a young age helps them to become strong, safe swimmers with a lifelong love of the water.

How to enrol in swimming lessons with the Y

You can now enrol in swimming lessons online. For help with online enrolments please see our 'How to enrol in swimming lessons online' guide below.

Not ready to enrol online?

If you're not ready to enrol and would like to find out more about our swimming lessons, please submit an enquiry. A member of our friendly team will be happy to answer your questions.

  • How to enrol in swimming lessons online

    To enrol your child or someone who you are a guardian for:

    1. Create a responsible person / guest account
      • Visit the online customer portal
      • Select 'Swimming Lessons'
      • Select 'Create Free Guest Account'
      • Select 'Next'
      • Complete your (the responsible parent / guardian) details
      • Select 'Create account'
      • Select 'Customer portal' to be taken to the swimming lessons timetable
    2. Add a student
      • You should be automatically directed to the swimming lessons timetable (if you cannot see the timetable select 'Book' and 'Swimming Lessons')
      • In the top right select the 'Add a student'
      • Complete the student details
    3. Determine your level (students must complete a level assessment to enrol in a day and time)
      • Select the 'Swimming Lessons' category to start the self-assessment 
      • Answer questions
      • Your level will be assigned
      • Select 'Next' to receive confirmation that you student account has been created
      • Select 'Select day and time' to be taken to the swimming lessons timetable for your allocated level
    4. Enrol into your class day and time
      • Search and select your class day and time (these will be filtered to your allocated level)
      • Select 'Enrol now'
      • In the pop-up window, select 'enrol now' for the student you wish to enrol in this class
    5. Make payment
      • Select your payment plan
      • Complete the agreement of terms and conditions
      • Select your preferred payment method (bank details or credit card / debit card) for your contract and select 'Next')

    Payment methods

    Please note, these details you enter will be linked to your contract for all future payments. You can change your payment details in the future using your online customer portal.

    Bank details

    • Enter your bank details
    • You will be taken to the payment gateway to make your initial payment which will need to be made by a credit / debit card
    • Make payment

    Credit / debit card

    • Enter your credit / debit card details
    • Make payment
    • Contract confirmation 

For more information on swimming lessons see our FAQs.


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